Faculty/Staff Work-at-Home Software

Faculty and staff have the option of installing campus-licensed software on their home computer for work-related activities. Some software requires a nominal fee to your department and most software requires approval from your department head. We offer:

What is the process?

After you log in, accept the terms of the agreement and select your software titles to submit your request, you will receive a confirmation form by e-mail within a few minutes.

Print that form, initial and sign where indicated, and obtain your department head's signature for approval.

  • If your request is for Microsoft Windows or Visual Studio, you must provide a budget code so we can bill your department the cost of the discs (currently $8).
  • If you are requesting Adobe software, there is no fee. However, the user must provide an empty 16GB minimum flash drive.

Bring your signed form and your flash drive, if applicable, to the IT Help Desk in AC 220.

Get started

To get started, enter the last eight digits of the ISO number from your NKU All Card and click Login.