Faculty/Staff Work-at-Home Software

Faculty and staff who use the following software products on NKU computers have the option of installing one copy of the same product on their home computer for academic or work-related activities. Disk sets are available at a nominal cost to departments, and approval from your department head is required to receive the software. We can provide installation discs for the latest versions of:

  • Microsoft® Office
  • Microsoft® Windows
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio.Net
  • Adobe® Creative Cloud

To get started, enter the last eight digits of the ISO number from your NKU All Card and click Login.

What Happens Next?

After you select your software titles and submit your request, you will receive a confirmation form by email within a few minutes. Print that form, initial and sign it where indicated, and obtain your department head's signature to indicate approval for IT to bill your department for the nominal cost of the software discs. Hang on to your completed form, and we will notify you by email when your software is in stock and ready to be picked up from the IT Helpdesk in AC 220. Software is usually available within 2 business days. If you have any questions about the status of your request or the availability of software, please call the IT Helpdesk at 859-572-6911.